Setup (Arduino 1.8.1 or higher)

Go to the Arduino IDE menu.

File > Preferences.

Add the following line to "Additional Boards Manager URLs:"

  • https://downloads.femtoduino.com/ArduinoCore-atsamd21e18a/package_atsamd21e18a-release-build_index.json

Click "OK" to save changes. Now open up the Arduino Board Manager

Tools > Board > Boards Manager

Install the following board packages:

  • Arduino AVR Boards version 1.6.17
  • Arduino SAMD boards (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+) board package v1.6.11
  • Atmel SAM D21/R21 E board package (latest)

Ubuntu users may need to add themeselves to the dialout group. See the README.md page

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